Welcome to Lovelis Longhorns!

Located in Nashville, Arkansas

Our longhorn journey began in 2022 when we came across a small herd being sold by the grandchildren of a gentleman who had recently passed away. Rebekah grew up right across the road from these longhorns. We were intrigued by their beautiful horns and unique color. We purchased them for their looks but soon fell in love with their gentle demeanor and personalities. Mr. Hubert Norwood was a proud member of the TLBAA and we wanted to keep his herd going. That year we started doing our research on the longhorn industry and began traveling to sales and farms to add to our herd. It didn’t take long to become addicted. We are slowly growing and adding some great genetics.

About our family

Austin and Rebekah married in June of 2016 and now have two sweet boys: Owen and Mason. We love that our boys are being raised in the world of longhorns. Some of our favorite evenings are spent riding around checking the cattle.

We are so thankful for this beautiful life the Lord has given to us!